Old Sandalwood Scented Wax Melt Tarts

Old Sandalwood Scented Wax Melt Tarts

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Indulge in the timeless allure of sandalwood with our Old Sandalwood Scented Wax Melt Tarts, a fragrant treat for your home that captures the essence of exotic woods and ancient traditions.

Indulge in the rustic charm of Old Sandalwood with our Scented Wax Melt Tarts. Capturing the timeless allure of sandalwood products, this fragrant melt transports you to a tranquil oasis where the senses are enveloped by its rich and earthy aroma. Our wax melts offer an effortless home scenting method that brings warmth and comfort to any space, without overpowering your senses. Formulated with premium ingredients, these fragrance melts deliver long-lasting scents that evoke memories of vintage soap bars infused with exotic woods. Experience the soothing effects of our Old Sandalwood Scented Wax Melt Tarts today!

  • Made with high-quality sandalwood products, these fragrance melts provide an authentic scent that is both calming and rejuvenating.
  • Using scented wax melt tarts as a home scenting method is not only effective but also safer than traditional candles, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

Old Sandalwood Scented Wax Melt Tarts really have a powerful scent even when not in your favorite wax warmer! Great for anyone who loves the scent!

Our Scented Wax Melt Tartlets are strong little fragrance melts for those who love to use them to scent your home. Great as a flameless "candle alternative" or an inexpensive home scenting method.

Unlike popular chain stores, our wax is a NON-GMO Vegetable and Soy Wax Blend not petroleum-based wax.

Approx .75 oz per tart, comes in a set of 4.

Instructions: Place 1 tartlet in your wax warmer and follow the directions on your specific tart warmer. 

Ingredients: Non-GMO Vegetable and Soy Wax Blend, All-Natural Fragrance Oil, Wax Safe Mica and Wax Safe Colorant.