Cinnamon and Honey Scented Wax Melt Tarts

Cinnamon and Honey Scented Wax Melt Tarts

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Indulge in the warm and sweet embrace of our handcrafted Cinnamon and Honey Scented Wax Melt Tarts. Let the fragrance melts transport you to a cozy haven with every breath.

Indulge in the sweet and spicy aroma of our handmade Cinnamon and Honey scented wax melt tarts. Our team has crafted a blend that evokes memories of cozy winter nights by the fire, surrounded by laughter and warmth. This unique fragrance is perfect for those who crave an organic touch to their home decor essentials or perhaps some therapeutic benefits from aromatherapy. The warm cinnamon notes will relax your mind while the subtle hints of honey provide a luxurious finish to each scent experience. Pair these tantalizing wax melts with matching fragrances for the ultimate bathing experience or mix them up with other delicious smelling fragrance melts from our collection- it's all about creating harmony in your personal space!

  • Made from high-quality ingredients, including natural beeswax and essential oils.
  • Transform your home into a fragrant oasis with our cinnamon and honey scented wax melts, designed to release their delicious aroma slowly over time for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Our fragrance melts offer a convenient way to enjoy the sweet scent of cinnamon and honey without any mess or fuss – simply pop one into your favorite warmer or diffuser for instant relaxation.

Cinnamon and Honey Scented Wax Melt Tarts really have a powerful scent even when not in your favorite wax warmer! Great for anyone who loves the scent of cinnamon with a little bit of honey!

Our Scented Wax Melt Tartlets are strong little fragrance melts for those who love to use them to scent your home. Great as a flameless "candle alternative" or an inexpensive home scenting method.

Unlike popular chain stores, our wax is a NON-GMO Vegetable and Soy Wax Blend not petroleum based wax.

Approx .75 oz per tart, comes in a set of 4.

Instructions: Place 1 tartlet in your wax warmer and follow the directions on your specific tart warmer. 

Ingredients: Non-GMO Vegetable and Soy Wax Blend, All Natural Fragrance Oil, Wax Safe Mica and Wax Safe Colorant.